It’s no secret that with time, our skin ages and causes it to lose a bit of radiance, tone and texture. Laser resurfacing involves using a highly concentrated beam of light to resurface the outer most layer of the skin. It penetrates deep into the lower levels of the dermis to promote collagen production and cell regeneration. Allowing us to give you a more youthful refreshed look. Because laser resurfacing promotes collagen production and cell regeneration it is great to treat wrinkles, skin textural problems, and acne scars.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The laser is provided in a matrix of dots across the skin’s surface, using bipolar radiofrequency, each “dot” sends the energy beneath the cell’s surface which in turn initiates the “healing process” and we renew cell production and more collagen is produced. The result is radiant skin with better complexion and better texture.

Does resurfacing hurt?

Treatments are often done with ease and little to no discomfort to clients as we do offer topical numbing. We often hear it feels like a tingling sensation or tiny micro needles. A topical cooling agent may be applied for added comfort.

Is there downtime after?

You can expect a little bit swelling, redness and itchiness. It is normal to see little grid marks for 48-72 hours after.

How long will it take?

The session itself is about 30-45 minutes, however the number of sessions needed will vary depending on the client, their skin goals. We see results in as little as three sessions, and normally schedule treatments four to six weeks apart.