Nicole Godlewski

Marketing Coordinator

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Michelle Shouli

Medical Esthetician


Kelly Ross

Medical Director


We created Hebe

with the intention to build an environment with absolutely no pressure selling, no inflated pricing, and no upselling. All while still being able to offer you the best technology, best products and the latest treatments. We genuinely have your skin as our best interest, and want nothing more than to give you that amazing, happy end result.

Lindsay Wynter


At Hebe we pride ourselves in delivering the best and most natural results. We believe in making you look refreshed and rejuvenated but still look like yourself! My years of experience and my passion for skin care has allowed me to maintain my skills with the latest trends and technology that works. We won't recommend a treatment we don't 100% believe in ourselves.

Daniela Bautista


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IMG_1639_Facetune_20-03-2020-17-33-15 2.